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MedStar Responds to Dozens of Crashes Amid Icy Conditions

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Medstar crews responded to dozens of crashes and medical calls amid icy conditions Wednesday, a spokesperson said.

Between 3:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. Wednesday, crews responded to 70 car crashes. There were also 15 reported falls from ice, along with seven patients who needed medical attention due to cold exposure.

Medstar spokesperson Matt Zavadsky said a vast majority of the crashes were on elevated areas, such as the mix-master in Fort Worth and bridges. The majority of the crashes included lower speed and lower intensity, with 18 people needing hospital transports.

While people are urged to stay off the roads until the winter weather passes, those who have to travel are urged to plan ahead.

“Have a lot of de-icing washer fluid in your vehicle. That freezing rain is icing up a lot of vehicles, people can’t see,” Zavadsky said. “Have some food and a blanket and water in your vehicle, so if you get stuck on the highway or somewhere you can’t get help right away you’re going to be nourished and can stay warm. Also, have a contact plan for your loved ones.”

Very few of the crashes were on surface streets, Zavadsky added. Nearby I-820 and Beach Street in Fort Worth, a number of drivers spent Wednesday morning de-icing their vehicles.

Johnny Lopez of Arlington works overnight at the Tarrant County jail.

“For a little bit, I couldn’t open my car door. I’m getting there. I personally don’t even like the cold, so I’m struggling,” Lopez said.  “Drive slow, be careful, but it’s kind of hard when other people don’t really know how to drive in the cold or on the ice. I’m just taking my time.”

Winter Storm Warning is in effect through 6 p.m. Thursday for much of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and northern counties toward the Red River.

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