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MedStar Paramedic Given a New Car for His Heroic Actions During Massive Fort Worth Pileup

McDaniel's 2011 Toyota FJ was totaled during the pileup

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A MedStar paramedic got a new car in honor of his heroic actions during the massive Fort Worth pileup on Thursday, Feb. 11.

"I never imagined anything would come of this, you know," said McDaniel. "Me, going to work doing my job daily, you never imagine something would come this large from it, from just doing your job."

Trey McDaniel was on his way to work when he was caught up in the pileup on Interstate 35W as more than 130 vehicles slid on sheets of ice caused by overnight sleet.

At least six people died and dozens more were injured in the pileup on Feb. 11, which was dubbed a "mass casualty incident" by firefighters.

McDaniel was injured during the crash, but he crawled out of his wrecked vehicle and began doing what first responders do - treating victims.  

A MedStar paramedic who was heading to work Thursday to begin his shift became a victim of the massive crash on Interstate 35W and despite his own injuries switched into “rescue mode” before his fellow first responders realized he wasn’t on duty and needed help himself.

His 2011 Toyota FJ was totaled during the pileup.

Toyota executives saw NBC 5's report and decided they wanted to do something.

Toyota Motor North America recognized McDaniel's selfless actions by presenting him with a brand new 2021 Toyota 4 Runner TRD Pro on Thursday.

"I really appreciate everybody that's done something for me. Thank you. This is incredible."

Trey McDaniel

The new SUV replaces McDaniel's 10-year-old vehicle. And to top it all off, Toyota paid the sales tax and a year's worth of insurance too.

"All this is unbelievable," McDaniel said. "More than I could ever have imagined."

As it turns out, McDaniel used to work for Toyota of Grapevine, the same dealership where he got the new SUV Thursday.

"It's really come full circle," he said.

McDaniel is undergoing physical therapy for an injured left ankle, but hoping to return to work at MedStar soon.

A MedStar paramedic got keys to a new vehicle, his was totaled in the pileup on Interstate 35W on Feb. 11, 2021.
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