Fort Worth

MedStar Increases Priority Responses Due to Heat

Due to this weekend's triple digit temperatures, Fort Worth's MedStar Mobile Healthcare implemented its extreme weather response procedures.

Any patient outside in an unprotected environment will receive a higher priority response, said MedStar spokesman Matt Zavadsky.

MedStar had an emergency shelter set up at Slide the City in Fort Worth. The giant slip n' slide transformed Main Street and Hulen Street into a giant block party.

"We've got our ambulance out here," said MedStar supervisor Richard Brooks. "We've got our ambulance bus to bring people in to coll down if they need to. We can start IV's, give them fluids and ultimately transport them out of here. We can handle just about anything in here."

MedStar estimated a crowd of 3,000 people at Slide the City. Nobody at the event needed treatment, a spokesman said.

In other parts of Fort Worth, MedStar responded to eight heat related calls. Seven people were transported to area hospitals, a spokesman said.

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