MedStar Explains What to Do If Your Vehicle Is Sinking

NBC 5 News

MedStar is telling the public about what to do if you find yourself in a sinking vehicle.

According to MedStar, if your vehicle is sinking, the best thing to do is stay calm, call 911, and follow the dispatcher's instructions. 

MedStar said most 911 dispatchers have protocols and training on how to help you get out of the vehicle safely.

If you are unable to call 911, MedStar said that you should not open the car doors. It is typically very difficult to open the doors, and it may cause the car to sink more quickly, MedStar said.

You should also unbuckle your seatbelts as well as the seatbelts for all passengers.

MedStar said to try to lower windows to allow passengers to attempt to escape. If the windows will not lower, you can try to break the window, MedStar said.

According to MedStar, individuals should consider keeping a rescue tool in their vehicles that can cut seatbelts and break windows in case of an emergency.

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