Medical Examiner Identifies Man Fatally Shot by Arlington Police Officer Saturday

Arlington police said they found marijuana, ecstasy and a handgun in the vehicle after conducting a search

Arlington police released the name of the man fatally shot by an officer during a traffic stop Saturday afternoon.

Twenty-four-year-old O'Shae Terry of Forest Hill died of multiple gunshot wounds in the emergency room at Medical City Arlington, according to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner.

Terry was driving an SUV when a female police officer stopped him for a registration violation.

Arlington police said Terry was cooperative, turning off the car and rolling down the passenger window for the officer.

She reportedly smelled marijuana and called for backup.

Within two minutes a male officer, who has been on the force for eight years, arrived, police said.

The officer began to stand on the SUV's running board below the truck's door as Terry reportedly started the vehicle despite commands to not do so.

Terry allegedly started to drive away with a police officer's arm still in the passenger side window that began to close, police said. The officer gave verbal commands for Terry to stop the vehicle, before firing into the SUV and striking Terry.

Police said a search of the vehicle after the shooting revealed just over one pound of marijuana, seven grams of ecstasy pills and a .40-caliber Glock with an extended magazine.

"I don't care what they dig up in the past on my son and I don't care [that a] day later what investigated and seen in the car at the time he took my son's life. My son didn't deserve to die because he didn't pose a threat to that police officer: the male or the female," Sherley Woods, Terry's mother, said.

Woods is questioning everything about her youngest son's death.

She said her son was shot four times by the officer.

"The same way he took that much time to get that gun out and shoot my son the first time he could've tased him," she said.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is helping Arlington police trace the gun's origin, police said.

"This is not a rush to judgement that the officer did anything wrong or that everything was followed completely by protocol. That's why it takes time to gather all of these facts," said Lt. Chris Cook of the Arlington Police Department. "Those concerns that are raised by the family or other concerns that the community may or may not have, we're going to look at everything."

Police said the officer involved in the shooting went to Arlington Memorial Hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries. Saturday, they said he was treated at the scene.

The shooting was captured on officer body camera and dash cam video, however police said they do not release video from deadly force incidents involved in an open investigation.

Arlington police said they coordinate with the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office on the release of video, and had no current plans to make the video public due to the ongoing investigation.

Editor's note: NBC DFW initially identified the deceased driver of the vehicle as Oshae Terry, based on a release from the Arlington Police Department. The victim's family corrected the information, which is now reflected in this article. The man's name was O'Shae Terry.

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