Medicaid Cuts That Could Affect Therapy for Disabled Children Can Move Forward

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that Texas can moved forward with a $350 million Medicaid cut voted on during the last legislative session. Some of that money is used to reimburse therapy providers who worked with disabled children.

Alisha Hauber, of Fort Worth, is very concerned about the cuts. Her son, Lane, has trisomy – a chromosome disorder – and has an unrepaired heart condition.

"When he was born, I was told he would only live a week, a month at the most," said Hauber.

Now, Lane is almost 8 years old. His legs are getting stronger, and his mother says he is hitting milestones.

"It helps a lot he has been getting therapy for seven years now. Each year he keeps getting stronger and doing more things," she said.

But access to therapy could change. The legislature voted on the Medicaid cut last session during the budget debate. Last year, following the session, NBC 5 reached out to the Senate finance committee chairman, who said they looked at an independent study conducted by the Texas A&M School of Public Health and additional comparisons done by the state Health and Human Services Commission and found the reimbursement rate in Texas was higher than other states.

There is no word on exactly when the cuts will be implemented.

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