Meaning Behind Anthem Protests Lost, Says Group Against Police Brutality

Public demonstrations in which some NFL players have taken a knee, rather than stand, during the national anthem have been branded as "anthem protests" by some.

The first player to protest was then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has repeatedly explained that he took a knee as a way to protest police brutality and racism facing minorities in America, especially African Americans.

However, some feel his message has gotten lost.

Groups like Mothers Against Police Brutality feel the message behind Kaepernick's initial demonstration has gotten distorted into something that it was never about.

Kaepernick donated $25,000 to grassroots organizations against police brutality located across the nation, including Mothers Against Police Brutality in Dallas.

The co-founder of the group says they want the NFL and its players to go even further and take a stand against police brutality and not just link arms or take a knee to defend a teammate or to defend freedom of speech.

"Right now it seems to be a little bit chaotic," said group co-founder Sara Mokuria. "From what I've seen it's, 'Which teams will take a knee? Which ones won't? What is everybody's response?' But what I appreciated about what Colin Kaepernick did was he was very skilled in using the symbol of taking the knee to call attention to a greater social issue, which I feel is lost in this moment."

Mokuria was 10 years old when she says she witnessed two Dallas police officers shoot and kill her father in 1992.

She has led several protests along with mothers whose children have been killed at the hands of police officers. The group speaks out against excessive police force and demands thorough investigations and indictments.

She said the country should be talking about policing and changes made in the Trump administration that affect how investigations are handled.

"Still to this day three people are killed every day by law enforcement. President Trump, along with (Attorney General) Jeff Sessions have taken away some of the accountability and transparency measures at the federal level that hold police department across the nation accountable," she said.

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