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Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County facing critical volunteer shortage

A recent surge in clients has Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County looking for new volunteers

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Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County is looking for a few good volunteers.

"Over the last several weeks we've seen just a steady rise of clients," Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County Marketing Specialist Philip Gonzalez said. "So it's putting a little more extra pressure on the current volunteers."

Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County says it has a 'critical' need for volunteers to fill 42 open delivery routes.

"All of these are new," volunteer Lauri Krumm said looking at her delivery list. "I've never been to those homes before."

Krumm said she often volunteers for extra shifts to cover the need.

"It's fulfilling," Krumm said. "It's just fulfilling."

Like other similar organizations, they stress that these deliveries have a major impact on the lives of their clients. Gonzalez said the reasons for clients needing meal deliveries vary from economics to falling on hard times, to physical limitations; but they get more than a meal from volunteers.

"A lot of times our clients, they don't really talk to or see too many people throughout the day or even the week," Gonzalez said. "So that personal touch from a volunteer to a client means more to our clients than anything."

"It makes him happy," Krumm said commenting on one of her clients. "I'm sure I'm just beaming because it makes him so happy. All of these people are just so thankful and so appreciative."

For more information about becoming a Meals on Wheels of Tarrant County volunteer, click here.

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