McKinney Woman Received $1,200 Bill After Being Promised Test Was 100-Percent Covered

After a McKinney woman received a $1,200 bill despite being promised her medical test was 100-percent covered, the NBC 5 Responds team helped her work out a solution with the testing agency and insurance company.

Dana Kaytovich's doctor had asked her to get a CT scan so he could better diagnose an illness she was having.

Kaytovich picked Envision Imaging near her home to get the test.

Worried about cost, she called ahead of time to find out what she would have to pay.

She said Envision told her the test would be 100-percent covered, but Kaytovich never checked with her own insurance company.

She got the bill a few weeks later.

The cost of the scan was $1,700. Her insurance covered $500, leaving Kaytovich to owe the other $1,200.

This surprised Kaytovich because she says Envision previously told her it would be 100-percent covered.

The NBC 5 Responds team got on the phone with Envision, who arranged a three-way call with Kaytovich and her insurance company.

Apparently the test was 100-percent allowed, not 100-percent covered so Kaytovich still had a portion to pay.

Everyone understood the confusion and worked out a deal.

Dana agreed to pay $500, and the insurance company picked up the rest.

Various doctor groups, hospital spokespeople and insurance companies have told us there's no simple way to know how much you'll pay ahead of time because of the many factors that come into play when you get treatment.

The best advice is to call everyone from the insurance company to the doctor or testing center first.

Not just one person.

Ask them all about pricing, contracts, balance billing and what portion of the bill you would be responsible for in a worst-case scenario.

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