McKinney Whiz Kid Has IQ of 148, MENSA Member

He is 11-years-old, but he's smarter than most adults. Jaxon Cota of from McKinney is considered profoundly gifted.

His IQ score is 148. He was admitted to MENSA at the age of nine and was just accepted into the Davidson Institute, an organization that helps child geniuses.

“It just kind of makes me feel special, not stand out in a weird way, I just feel like I’m unique, I’m different and I like that,” Jaxon said.

Math is Jaxon's strong suit. Parents Lori and Matthew Cota say they began noticing his skills by his second birthday.

"When we really discovered something different about him, he was just over two and he was at a friend’s house and he could read their thermostat and they're like, 'How does he know numbers that big? My child barely knows one through 10,'" Lori said.

While his friends are busy adding fractions, Jaxon is working out high school math problems. It's an aspect the Cotas said doesn't sit well with some parents because they’ve decided to keep Jaxon in the grade he’d ordinarily be in for his age.

"If he can maintain at grade level with his peers, we see that really as the best of both worlds,” Matthew said.

Jaxon said he wants a life just like any other kid his age, a soon-to-be sixth grader who'd rather hit a home run than hit the books.

Jaxon gets special instruction in school to keep him challenged.

He said he's thinking about becoming a professional baseball player and an architect when he grows up.

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