McKinney Veteran Getting New Home Filled with ‘Notes of Love'

J.A. Recer and his wife Allison walked through what will be their new home to read 'Notes of Love' left by the community and those who are building it.

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Wednesday morning a steady flow of visitors came to a home being rebuilt in old downtown McKinney to leave 'Notes of Love.'

"These are going to get covered up," Katie Youngblood said. "But the family will always know that they're here."

The notes were written in marker on the exposed studs and on heart-shaped paper that was stapled to the wall. Some wished blessings and love. Others thanked the homeowner for his service and sacrifice.

J.A. Recer is a Vietnam War veteran who lost his sight in battle.

"According to the Army, he's supposed to be dead because of where he was standing when the rocket hit the Jeep he was standing by," his wife, Allison Recer, said. "But he's here."

The Recers new home is being built where their old house once stood.

"It was so unlevel, it looked like little waves going through the house," J.A. Recer said. "I mean, the floor was falling out of it, the bricks was falling off of it. It was terrible."

The Recers are getting a new home suited to their special needs thanks to Operation FINALLY HOME, Huntington Remodeling, and Highland Homes.

"These are folks who have fought for our freedoms and values that we often take for granted," Operation FINALLY HOME Project Manager Ronnie Lyles said . "The fact that we get to give back to them and better their lives for the future, you can't put a price on that."

In fact, there is no price for the Recers.

"This is 100% mortgage-free," Lyles said. "They had an existing mortgage on the home that they had. We paid that off as well."

When the drywall goes up, it will cover the notes left on Monday, but the sentiments will remain.

"It fills my heart with joy that I can walk through these walls and know God is there," Allison Recer said through tears.

The Recers new home is expected to be complete in February.

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