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McKinney Residents Concerned About Proposed Parking Garage

Drivers in downtown McKinney say something needs to be done about parking. The square has become so popular it's hard to find a spot.

"To me, it's awful," said Anna resident Madison Hanks.

The city of McKinney is proposing a parking garage on Church Street between Virginia and Louisiana.

Under the plan, the five-story garage would go up in the place of a parking lot. It would include 412 spots instead of the 75 that are there now.

Despite the need, the idea isn't going over well with some.

"I support a parking garage. I just think this is the wrong spot," said Kathryn Waite, who lives within walking distance of downtown.

She created a Facebook page called "Save Our Square" to let people know about the proposal.

Waite and a group of neighbors feel more traffic from a garage would cause more problems down the road.

They also say a parking garage isn't the first impression they want when people drive downtown.

"This is the gateway to our downtown and it's such a historic area that it seems against our unique by nature motto to put a fake parking garage here at our entrance," Waite said.

"It's about coming together and compromising and finding a good location so we have business that can continue to grow," said business owner Dusti Calander.

Renderings show what the garage could look like once it's finished.

McKinney's city council passed the plan in May but voters will decide it if goes beyond the drawing board.

A $10 million bond for the parking garage will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.

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