McKinney Police Release Body Camera Video of Teen's Arrest

A protest is planned in McKinney where a teenager was arrested over the weekend.

The teen, Jasper Miller III, his parents, attorney Kim Cole and activist Dominique Alexander held a press conference Wednesday. They say cell phone video of the arrest shows police were in the wrong.

"I personally have cried every day," said Miller's mother Lakeista Eaton.

McKinney police say body camera video tells a different story.

Police released three edited videos on Tuesday. Extended versions were released Wednesday.

They begin inside the Cinemark Movie Theater in McKinney where police say a group of teens was asked to leave for being disruptive. 

"Two of the three of you were on the phone. This is not a request," a manager is heard saying to the group.

The manager tells the teens they can't get their money back.

The teens, including Miller, insist they did nothing wrong.

Police say Miller repeatedly refused to cooperate.

"I didn't do nothing wrong. I'm not even sitting with them," Miller is seen saying.

Police say they asked Miller to call his parents, but he refused.

"Take a deep breath. Get your temper under control," one officer says to Miller.

They say they tried giving the 14-year-old a criminal trespass warning twice, but he ran so they attempted to arrest him.

"You need to walk over here man because I'm going to arrest you. You're under arrest," the officer is heard saying.

Miller jogs off.

The officer returns to his patrol car, drives a short distance then gets out by the teens who are standing together on the sidewalk.

"Move out the way or you're going to be arrested too," the officer says as he approaches Miller. "Walk over here man."

The body camera video cuts off as the officer makes contact with Miller, but another angle picks up what happened.

Miller is taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs.

In cell phone video recorded by another teen, you can hear him asking friends to call his father as he's taken into custody.

"Pardon my language but I mean they continue to give a middle finger to their black citizens like, you know, we don't care," Cole said at a press conference.

"I wouldn't know where to begin on all the inaccuracies that were stated," McKinney Mayor George Fuller said.

Wednesday, Fuller said he reviewed all the body camera videos and stands by the officer's actions.

"It's painful to watch just someone with complete disrespect and willingness to just completely not obey what a police officer is giving as a very specific directive," Fuller said.

Fuller says the arrest isn't about racism but about a misrepresentation of facts.

"I happen to be a person who believes that truth matters, facts matter," Mayor Fuller said.

Miller is charged with criminal trespass and evading arrest.

Eaton says her son, a freshman football player, suffered a dislocated shoulder and is planning to take legal action against city.

"It's not good for any athlete," Miller said.

Police say they're confident the officers responded appropriately.

A protest is planned for Friday in McKinney.

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