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McKinney Police Look for Man Accused of ‘Upskirting' Female Shopper

A McKinney mom is sounding the alarm about a stranger recording video up her daughter's shorts while the family shopped Saturday afternoon.

Hannah Gigley said she was standing with her daughter in the checkout line of the Hobby Lobby store in McKinney when a woman in the next line rushed over.

"The lady next to us, in the next aisle just had this terrified look on her face," Gigley said. "She said there was a guy and he was just videoing under your daughter's skirt."

The witness told Gigley the man walked away from the line when he saw the witness look at him.

The witness called police while Gigley asked a cashier to call a manager.

Gigley said as the group waited at the front of the store, the man returned, but quickly ran when Gigley tried to confront him.

"He said, 'I don't like this.' He started running, shot out the front door. There were a couple of people out in the parking lot and I started running after him," Gigley said.

Gigley said other women in the parking lot tried to help her look for the man who was crouching in between cars before he got into a gray Acura and raced away.

"I was shocked and felt violated," Gigley said. "I've never felt so angry at another human being my entire life."

Gigley and her daughter, Alyssa, were in the store to shop for dorm room decorations. The 20-year-old had no idea the man standing next to her was recording her.

"I didn't realize anything was happening or he was even close to me," Alyssa Gigley said.

She said she's been looking over her shoulder. When she posted about it on social media, Alyssa said she was shocked at how many women responded to tell her it's happened to them too.

"I just don't want it to happen again because I know how I felt after it happened to me," Alyssa said.

Police aren't releasing surveillance images publicly yet, but said the man is white, in his 50s and bald. He was wearing glasses, a black shirt and tan shorts.

McKinney police are looking for additional witnesses who were in the Hobby Lobby at U.S. 380 and Hardin Blvd in McKinney between 3:15 and 3:40 p.m. on Saturday.

Anyone with information should call McKinney police Det. Rimpel at 972-547-2811 or email the detective at trimpel@mckinneytexas.org.

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