McKinney Non-Profit Busing Voters to the Polls

Early voting ends Friday and the biggest challenge for some residents in McKinney is just getting to the polls.

There has been no public transportation system in McKinney since the previous service went out of business in Dec. 2015.

McKinney resident Patricia Eklund, who is handicapped, says getting anywhere now is difficult.

“I was very dependent on C Cart and Go TAPS to take me to the doctor, shopping, everything,” Eklund sayd.

She experienced the same challenge getting to the polls. For her, voting probably wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the non-profit, 3-E McKinney, which is offering to pick up voters at home and give them rides to the polls.

Since early voting began, 3-E McKinney’s Director Jim Smith says he's bussed about 100 people to the polls.

“It’s amazing how much they appreciate it because they haven't had a way to vote,” Smith said.

For Eklund, an ‘I Voted’ sticker isn't just proof she cast a ballot, but a symbol of her determination to be an active participant this election season.

"I feel great,” she said. “I mean great, ‘cause I got to go vote because I was beginning to think I wouldn't get to."

A spokesperson for the City of McKinney says the city is in the process of securing state and federal funding to resolve its public transportation problem.

In an email, the spokesperson said, in part, “We are continuing to work to provide sustainable transit for those in need.”

There was no timeline for when the process will be completed.

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