McKinney National Airport Receives $15 Million in State Funding

The Texas Department of Transportation gave the McKinney National Airport a grant of $15 million in state funds from the Aviation Facilities Grant Program

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has approved a grant of $15 million in state funds from the Aviation Facilities Grant Program for the McKinney National Airport.

The funds will be used to extend the existing runway from its current length of 7,002 feet to 8,502 feet.

The process will involve an environmental assessment, followed by design and construction. Construction is expected begin in late 2021.

"Today, business aircraft intending to operate out of McKinney must add congestion to one of the commercial service airports if their operations require additional runway length," Airport Director Ken Carley said. "We are thrilled and extremely grateful to receive the funding for this project. It is evidence the state recognizes the contributions McKinney National Airport makes to the regional airport system and understands the importance of investing in the airport's future. Extending the runway by 1,500 feet will benefit the entire DFW area by allowing the airport to more effectively serve its role as a reliever for the region's commercial service airports."

Grant funding from TxDOT requires an airport sponsor to contribute a minimum of 10 percent in matching funds. The McKinney City Council approved its matching funds to add to the project in September.

TxDOT expects to provide approximately $60 million in funding for planning, building, and maintaining community airports in Texas this year, about 275 of which are eligible for this grant.

Operational activity at the McKinney National Airport is projected to grow throughout the 20-year planning period with increased use by business jets needing longer runway lengths to accommodate heavier loads and longer stage lengths.

The current Airport Master Plan recommends completing the runway extension in the next five years to allow for unrestricted growth at the airport.

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