McKinney Mayor: Posts of Possible White Supremacy Marches Are Not Credible

The Mayor of McKinney says posts circulating around social media indicating possible marches this weekend staged by white supremacy groups are not credible.

McKinney Mayor George Fuller says he's received Facebook messages and emails from citizens sending screenshots of the posts.

"I've had a lot of people reach out, probably 40 or 50 just in the last four or five hours," Mayor Fuller told NBC 5 Friday. "As fast as they get posted, other people have posted and chimed in and said, 'That's not legit. I've seen this post three months ago, four months ago. I live in Dallas'."

Police in Dallas and McKinney confirmed they were aware of the social media posts regarding the possible marches. A spokesperson for the McKinney Police Department told us this week they were not aware of any event in the city.

"If you scour Facebook, you'll see there's a march that's going to happen in Dallas and McKinney's just one of the locations where they are identifying to stay and they're booking rooms and Airbnbs and all of that," explained Fuller. "How much sense does that make? That if you're going to plan an event in Dallas that you're going to stay in McKinney? I don't really know how much sense that really makes. Then that's expanded to people saying there's an event in McKinney, but again – we've identified no credible evidence that's actually the case."

In a statement to NBC 5, the Dallas Police Department said no permits have been requested from the organizers mentioned in the posts but they did not specify who the mentioned organizers were.

"However, the Dallas Police Department will not interfere with a lawful and peaceful assembly of any individuals or group expressing their first amendment rights. Dallas officers have work[ed] security for these types of events and are available to address any safety concerns," a statement reads.

Fuller said despite the lack of credibility, his police department remains vigilant and prepared for any possibility.

"I believe that what they probably mean is that they've got personnel ready and additional personnel ready," he said.

On Saturday morning, a peace rally is to be held outside the McKinney Performing Arts Center downtown. The event is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

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