McKinney Man, Dogs Rescued From McKinney Creek

McKinney Firefighters rescued a man and two his dogs Sunday after they became bogged down in the bottom of Wilson Creek.

"That's one thing I wouldn't be able to live with is watching my dog drown," Rick Allford said.

Allford's dog Romo jumped in the creek and when he attempted to help him out, another one of his dogs and eventually Allford himself, also ended up in the water.

"My second of three dogs ended up sliding down as well and landing on top of me, which broke the root and we both went in the water," he said.

Allford called his wife who called 911 and within minutes firefighters were on scene and able to pull both Allford and his dogs out.

While not life-threatening, firefighters hope the incident will serve as warning to others with more rain in the forecast.

"Those areas that have been flooded in the last couple weeks are going to be susceptible to rapid flooding now, the ground is already saturated, so flood waters are going to come fast," Captain Thomas Kosten with the McKinney Fire Department said.

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