McKinney Firefighters Rescue Man, Dog From Flood

A dramatic rescue of a man and his dog was caught-on-camera in McKinney overnight.

The man found himself in the unexpected situation beneath a bridge on El Dorado Parkway near Highway 5 at about 3:30 a.m. Friday.

Video recorded by professional photographer Michael O’Keefe shows the man and his dog being hoisted to safety.

"I poked over the guard rail and saw a dog. That's literally all I saw at first was the dog standing on water. Turns out he was standing on the shoulders of the gentleman that was his owner,” O’Keefe said.

In photos taken by O’Keefe, you can see the man clinging to his dog as water rushed around them, and McKinney firefighters tried pull the pair to safety.

"I don't think he was going to leave the dog. I think they were going as a pair,” O’Keefe said.

The McKinney Fire Department said the man managed to dial 911 on his cell phone.

They 'pinged' his cell phone off nearby towers to find his exact location.

Firefighters hanging by ropes were lowered beneath the bridge to make the rescue.

There was a sense of relief felt by all involved when their feet finally hit the ground. There was also an unexpected show of gratitude seconds later by man's best friend.

"His feet hit the ground and he almost instantly went towards the firefighter that had saved him, jumped all over him, licked all over him. It was real touching to watch,” O’Keefe said.

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