McKinney Family Says Intruder Tried to Steal Kanye West Brand Sneakers

A McKinney mom came face-to-face with an intruder in her home Thursday night.

Surveillance video shows a man in a mask open the family's back door, leaving his fingerprints on the glass. Just as he steps inside, Maria Luce walks out of her bedroom, causing the intruder to run off.

Later, while holding a shotgun, she spoke directly to the intruder in a video she posted on Facebook.

"To the kid who broke into my home last night, I'm not sure if you know what this is, but I am locked and loaded. And by the way, thank you for leaving all the evidence behind, because guess what you were on camera," she said in the video.

Luce and her husband Mark Toney believe the would-be thief was after expensive sneakers made by Kanye West. Their son purchased five pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s when they came out last weekend. They retail for about $220 but resell online for about $650.

Their son earns money reselling the shoes, which have all been purchased but hadn't been shipped when the intruder showed up.

Luce believes advertisements for the shoes led the intruder to their backdoor, where she now keeps a loaded shotgun.

"I'm going to protect my family. You want to violate me, I'm not stopping to ask questions. I'm going to protect my family, period," she said.

Nothing was stolen from the home.

McKinney police are now investigating.

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