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McKinney Day Care Worker Arrested, Accused of Injury to a Child

McKinney police say they know of three children allegedly harmed by the same day care worker

When Ariel Murphy noticed a bruise on her 2-month-old son Kairo's ankle after he got home from day care, she thought something was wrong.

"It almost feels like betrayal," Murphy said. "We trusted our new baby with you."

Murphy said her baby had been going to Joyous Montessori school in McKinney for about two weeks when she noticed the bruise as she changed her son's diaper at home. Murphy said she called the school to find out what happened.

"They said it was a birthmark. Then they said it was from a rough diaper change," Murphy recalled.

"It didn't sound right," Kairo's father, Donovan Grant said. "And it didn't sit well."

The parents took Kairo to the hospital, where they said X-rays showed their 2-month-old son had 11 fractures to his ribs, ankles and femur, as well as a possible fracture to his wrist.

"Like, why?" asked Murphy. "Why an innocent, helpless baby? Just why?"

McKinney police arrested Jessica Joy Wiese for injury to a child. Investigators said they know of two other victims under 12 months old allegedly harmed by the same day care worker. Police want to talk to anyone who had children in the Joyous Montessori school between May 2016 and December 2018.

"You never know who you can trust," Grant said. "The long-term effects of what happened, those are my fears."

The school sent a statement to NBC 5:

"On behalf of Joyous Montessori, we want to express our deepest sympathy to the injured infant and to her family for the pain and distress caused by the actions of Jessica Joy Wiese. All our centers have trained and certified staff members which undergo an extensive background check and pre-employment screening. Unfortunately, Jessica Joy Wiese passed all background checks and has no prior history which would lead us to believe she could be capable of something like this. Jessica Joy Wiese was terminated immediately upon the discovery of this information. At Joyous Montessori, we are passionate about caring for and loving all children entrusted to us. We will remain diligent in thoroughly screening staff member to ensure that this never happens to another child entrusted in our care."

Wiese was previously a registered nurse, but documents from the Texas Board of Nursing show her license was revoked in 2014 for allegedly stealing medications while on the job.

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