McKinney Couple Remembers Daughter Each Year Through ‘Random Acts of Kindness'

When Randy and Angie Booth lost their 14-month old daughter Hannah, they wanted to turn her birthday into something good.

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Every year on Hannah Booth's birthday, her parents throw a party of sorts, where other people receive the gifts.

"She had such bad luck in being born on a lucky day," Angie Booth said of her daughter's St. Patrick's Day birthday. "You have all this love that you give your children, and with her, it kind of stopped, and we can't give that to her now because she's not here with us."

Hannah was born March 17, 2015 with a heart defect. Other complications followed.

"A lot of times when kids are growing up, you take things for granted, and I don't know that we ever did that with Hannah," Randy Booth said. "Every moment was precious."

Hannah died when she was just 14 months old.

"So many people helped us," Angie Booth said. "When we buried her, one of my promises to her was for the rest of my life, I would always give in whatever way I could."

So the Booths started Random Acts of Kindness in Hannah's name.

"So now on her birthday, we ask people to do acts of kindness in her memory," Randy Booth said. "It's kind of cool for us to watch social media and see the posts of people doing things in her memory."

The Booths made up cards to go with Random Acts of Kindness with their #WarriorHannah hashtag so they can see the impact.

The Random Acts of Kindness have included giving away free meals, coffee, donuts and cookies. Some have left 100% tips for restaurant servers. Others draw cheerful sidewalk art in Hannah's memory.

"You want them to make a difference in the world," Booth said of Hannah. "So this is a way we can see that on her birthday, through other people and through the kindness of others."

Hannah Booth would have turned 6 years old this year.

"It also counteracts the sadness for us," Angie Booth said. "Seeing all those, it's my favorite part of her birthday."

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