McKinney Couple Pleads for Return of Plants Containing Miscarried Babies Remains

The plants were stolen off the couple's front porch

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If it were just plants stolen off their front porch, Aaron and Brianna Pearson wouldn’t have a hand-written sign in their front yard pleading for whoever took the plants to return them.

“Nobody was supposed to know what was in there,” Brianna Pearson said.

Buried in the two planters were the fetal remains of the Pearsons' babies, something the couple never thought they’d be discussing publicly.

“We have had several miscarriages and one of the things that came to mind when we had those miscarriages was planting them. It just seemed really peaceful for us, something that felt right,” said Brianna.

The Pearsons and their 2-year-old daughter recently moved to McKinney's historic district. They said the plants were sitting on their front porch when they disappeared two weeks ago.

“I think we were just more shocked than anything,” said Aaron Pearson.

They say the three stolen plants -- a Ficus Tineke, an elephant ear and fig tree -- are not rare, and worth maybe a couple hundred dollars. However, what's in them are "totally irreplaceable."

“I just want to get [my babies] back at the end of the day, that's it,” Brianna said.

They planted a yard sign that says: "FYI, to whoever stole the plants off of my porch... You also stole my miscarried babies buried in them." Brianna said they hope it gets the thief’s attention.

“This is actually something that's extremely important to somebody,” Brianna said.

It's also caught the attention of their new neighbors.

“I can’t even put into words how good it feels to feel supported from complete strangers,” Brianna said.

The Pearsons acknowledge the thief couldn't have known the importance of the plants when they were stolen, but they hope whoever took them will have the heart to return them when they do.

“Just leave them on the porch exactly like you took it,” she said.

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