McKinney Car Burglar Caught on Camera

Police in McKinney are investigating how a thief caught on camera managed to access a private, gated community early Monday morning.

It happened in the neighborhoods around Stonebridge Ranch Country Club, where the only access is by a locked, code-encrypted gate or by walking across the golf course.

“It’s invasive,” said Alden Gleason, who woke up to find his backseat window shattered and $4,500 worth of electronics missing, including his laptop. “He actually climbed into my vehicle to get into my glove box and console to see what else was in my car.”

Gleason has turned over his home security footage to police, which shows a tall, thin man with a goatee casing his property, as well as walking up and down the neighborhood street looking in other cars.

In the video, the man is seen carrying a tool, likely a screwdriver and a flashlight.

Another neighbor reports having his pickup truck window shattered early Monday morning and several items of men’s clothing missing from the backseat.

Gleason says there may be a false sense of security in the gated neighborhood.

“It’s gated and surrounded by a golf course, so you’d think it’d be pretty secure. But people still find a way in.”

McKinney police say they are investigating several burglary of motor vehicle cases in that particular neighborhood from overnight.

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