McKinney Business Aims to Relocate Conservatives to Collin County

There's a new business venture in North Texas catering to a very specific clientele. It's a relocation service just for Republicans.

They've chosen Collin County as not just their base of operations but also their own conservative paradise.

The business is called Conservative Move.

Paul Chabot, a former Republican politician and lifelong Californian, got tired of what he describes as a liberal California life and moved his family to McKinney in January.

Now, he wants similar-thinking families to "move right" into Collin County.

"I describe it to people as if you left a bad relationship and you truly didn't know how bad it was until you're out of it. I am so thankful I am in Texas," Chabot said.

Chabot says he researched areas across the country, and with all the growth, found Collin County was a perfect fit.

Now, the Navy veteran and conservative Republican is encouraging fellow conservatives to move here, too.

Chabot created the website, ConservativeMove.com, which helps streamline the moving process. Its mission, according to the site, "…to help Conservative families move to Conservative areas of America."

It connects people who want to move with real estate agents in the area.

Chabot gets paid when an agent makes a sale, which he says is only a matter of time.

He says his phone and email have been inundated with inquiries since the website went live last week.

"I think it shows there was an unmet need for what we're doing because Texas has been great at attracting businesses. We wanted to fill that gap of how about individuals, how about people, how bout families that also want to leave," Chabot explained.

Republicans in Collin County swept the November elections.

But there is thought among some that with so many people moving here – particularly liberal Californians – that Collin County could become "purple."

"We don't want to see a bunch of liberals move here and mess it up," Chabot said.

"If people think that they're going to find a conservative mecca, they're not," said Mike Rawlins, chairman of the Collin County Democratic Party.

Rawlins says he isn't concerned about Conservative Move moving the needle in favor of Republicans, who swept the November elections.

"That's true," Rawlins said. "But they didn't sweep it by as much. That's the point."

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