Mayor-Elect Eric Johnson Plans to Meet With Dallas Police Chief Hall Soon

Mayor-elect Eric Johnson will officially become Dallas' mayor on Monday, but Friday he was at NBC 5 to talk about his upcoming first term.

Johnson said he is excited about working with the City Council, which has several new members.

"I have spoken to every single one of them and I can tell you it is a very talented group. It is a very 'eager to get to work' group and I think we are going to have the most amazing City Council that I can recall in modern history, really," said Johnson.

Johnson will begin his term with tension surrounding the Dallas Police Department. The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization's Dallas Chapter has given her a "no confidence" vote.

Johnson said he will meet with Hall very soon, after he becomes mayor.

"I think if we look back through history, this is actually not uncommon. Police chiefs in Dallas, this happens. We have situations from time to time where there are these no confidence votes. I understand police associations, that is part of the process, but as a public servant, the police chief has to instill confidence in the public. And we are working right now and trying to figure out ways to make sure everyone knows all the things that are happening behind the scenes to make sure our city is safe," said Johnson.

You can see the entire interview with Mayor-elect Johnson Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on NBC 5's Lone Star Politics.

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