Mayfest Suffers From Swine Flu Fear

The swine flu threat may end up claiming one very large victim in the long run: Mayfest!

Organizers of the festival, in what would've been its 37th year, said Mayfest, Inc. is at least $400,000 in the hole, due to the forced cancellation of this years event, and may not be able to climb out.

"My concerns is that it's not going to exist in the future," says Jeff Scott, a Mayfest vendor. "From what I hear from one official, that's a very good possibility."

Mayfest organizers admitted the festival is in danger of not returning next year.

"This festival that you've seen for 36 years, that's been a Fort Worth staple that friends and families have come out every year to, (it) means you may not see it next year," said Mayfest spokeswoman Carrie Cappel.     

Cappel said organizers will meet in the next 10 days and try to come up with a plan. She said Mayfest, Inc. is in desperate need of an influx of cash.

"If that means a fundraiser, and if that means really pulling on the heart strings of the Fort Worth community to help us out, and help us get out of this then that's what we will have to do," Cappel said.

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