Mayfest Hopes Bad Weather Holds Off

If you go to the Mayfest's website, right at the top is a warning about possible inclement weather this weekend. It assures the public organizers will keep on top of weather conditions.

Mayfest organizers learned a long time ago not to take chances with bad weather.

Their website also mentions that they have not forgotten the huge hailstorm that hit in May 5, 1995. That is when huge chunks of hail crashed from the sky, smashing windshields and injuring hundreds of people who were gathered to have a good time.

The storms brought large hail, damaging winds and heavy rain to Tarrant County. On the banks of the Trinity River, Mayfest was in full swing, with many people caught out in the open with little shelter.

Hundreds were injured, 60 seriously. There were head wounds, broken bones and people peppered with shards of glass.

At the time, it was the most damaging and costliest hailstorm the country had seen.

Now, Mayfest has emergency plans, which allow planners to empty the park quickly and get people to shelter.

The festival works closely with the city and the National Weather Service to keep track of weather conditions.

And of course, forecasting technology has improved significantly since then.

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