Matthew McConaughey to Play Former Dallas Sting Soccer Coach in Upcoming Movie

When Coach Bill Kinder brought the Dallas Sting to China to play on the international level, he had no idea the impact they would have on women's soccer

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Hollywood loves an underdog story. The Dallas Sting's 1984 win has everything. They were the underdog women's soccer team that helped change the sport for women.

"We thought we could compete with everyone," former Dallas Sting Coach Bill Kinder said.

He took the team to China to compete in an international soccer tournament in 1984, playing against some professional teams. The Dallas Sting was a club team, based in Richardson.

"We started slow. It took a while for them to kinda get their rhythm, but then we gained steam," Kinder said. "We beat Australia 2-0 in the final."

"They would cheer 'USA, USA' for the USA," former Dallas Sting striker Sheri Mungai said.

The team became the first American soccer team, men's or women's, to win a major international tournament. It helped change women's soccer.

"From that, the U.S. Soccer Federation decided we've got something in girl's soccer, perhaps, what we don't have in men's soccer," Kinder said. "And started the Women's National Team from that event."

Now it's the subject of a Hollywood movie in the making.

"They hired Matthew McConaughey to be the lead role," Kinder said, meaning McConaughey will play him. "I think he's a great choice because he's a great actor, and he won't have to work on his accent!"

For some former Dallas Sting players, the prospect of a movie about their part in sports history brings back memories.

"We were just a bunch of kids playing a sport that we loved," former Dallas Sting midfielder Toni Catchings said. "I'm ecstatic girls have the opportunities nowadays that they do, and I hope it continues to improve."

"We didn't have anybody to watch on game film or anything," former Dallas Sting defender Michelle Kimzey said. "I think it's great they have those role models now."

"We had fun doing it," former Dallas Sting forward Erin Adamson-O'Donnell said. "We thank Kinder for that."

"I give all the credit to the young ladies that did all the hard work," Kinder said. "As I tell them, they were the circus, I just drove the truck to the next town."

Kinder said the movie producers and director say he and McConaughey will be getting together in the future to get to know one another.

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