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Mass Shootings Highlight Need for Mass Trauma Response Training at UNT

Recent mass tragedies like the Sutherland Springs shooting back up the important role bystanders can have in saving lives. At University of North Texas, students and campus safety leaders received some important training for treating victims.

For UNT senior Robyn Warren, it was training that could save lives.

"It might be a while before first responders show up," said Warren, an emergency administration major. "So what are you going to do before they show up?"

The campus trauma training at UNT was provided by Medical City Denton – valuable learning which in a trauma situation could help save lives. Warren and others learned how to properly use a tourniquet to stop bleeding, and how to apply pressure and otherwise treat traumatic wounds.

In the wake of yet another deadly shooting, the course has added meaning.

"It's important because as we all watch the news — not only has there been mass shootings that have been happening recently, we are a college campus. We know it's happened on college campuses before," Warren said.

"We've seen a bump in interest since these events have occurred," said Adam Walthall, trainer for Medical City Denton. "But the reality is highly applicable to other aspects of life."

Those who run the training say convincing students at UNT that's it's a good idea, unfortunately, isn't that difficult.

"What I've found is if you can get their attention, it's not," Warren said. "Because it is something we are all thinking about."

That is also an unfortunate reality. The need to be ready, for the next time it happens.

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