Maseratis, Porsche Among 11 Vehicles Stolen From Airport Valet Service Lot

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A group of people stole 11 vehicles, including an Audi, a BMW, two Maseratis, two Mercedes and a Porsche, in late February from a valet service parking lot near Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, police say.

A group of seven suspects stolen seven vehicles from Freedom Park in the 7800 block of Esters Boulevard in Irving at about 1:55 a.m. on Feb. 26, Irving police said.

Police said it appeared four of the same people returned just over an hour later and stole four more vehicles.

Of the eleven vehicles stolen, Irving police said five had been recovered -- four in Dallas and one in east Irving. The vehicles recovered are a 2016 Mercedes GLE, a 2020 Ford F-150, a 2019 Ford F-150, a 2019 BMW Z4 and a 2019 Mercedes CLS.

Authorities are still in search of six other vehicles:

  • 2016 silver Audi A7
  • 2018 black Maserati GHI
  • 2018 black Maserati QUA
  • 2019 white Ford F-250
  • 2019 white Dodge Ram
  • 2016 black Porsche Cayenne

Police said the seven suspects appeared to be wearing hooded jackets or winter hats and gloves. Their faces could not be seen on surveillance video.

Officers discoverd a stolen 2007 grey GMC Sierra near the lot, which police said was presumed to be the suspect's vehicle.

Anyone with information about the vehicles is asked to call Irving police Det. Frazier at 972-721-3614 or

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