Marine Gets Help Paying Big Cell Phone Bill

Kyle Dawson always wanted to serve his country. 

Before leaving for Japan, the young Marine asked for one goodbye present, an international cell phone to call home. 

"ATT told us it would be 8 cents a minute and free texting but when we checked the bill after 6 days it was $1800," said Kyle's mother Lynda Dawson. 

The Dawson family, called AT&T telling them they were unable to afford the bill. "They said the charge is legitimate and we had to pay or our phone service would be cut off," says Dawson.  She then emailed NBC5's Grant Stinchfield.  After one phone call to ATT, NBC5 solved the Dawsons problems.  "It was amazing, ATT called, they were so nice, the credited the bill and told us they were sorry for making a mistake," said a surprised Lynda Dawson after learning the phone bill would be reduced to just $64.

ATT says it is deeply sorry for the mistake and prides itself on working with it's military customers. 

It did credit the Dawsons bill and apologized for the stress the error caused the Dawson family. 

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