Flood Water Slowly Receding at Joe Pool Lake

Parts of north Texas are still underwater from heavy rain more than a month ago.

More storms aren't helping.

But some people are taking advantage of the recent flooding.

For Ulises and Jose Jaramillo, Mother’s Day brunch ended with a father and son fishing trip in the parking lot of Lynn Creek Marina.

“There's always a first time for everything,” 13-year-old Ulises Jaramillo said.

Ramps and the parking lot are still underwater from storms six weeks ago.

“It’s crazy. I've never seen it this packed before, especially with fish,” mother Priscilla Davis said.

Oasis restaurant at the marina recently re-opened after record rainfall last spring shut it down.

This is the second or third time we see this lake you know like, overflowed,” father Jose Jamamillo said.

With more rain in the forecast, some still have a hard time picturing where the water will go.

“There's not going to be anywhere to park. There's no way,” Davis said.

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