Marijuana Brownies, Lollipops Seized in Corsicana

Cocaine, LSD and mushrooms also found during probable cause search

Two people were arrested for possession of a variety of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, LSD and mushrooms following a vehicle search in Corsicana on Saturday, police say.

Corsicana police conducted a probable cause search after smelling marijuana in a vehicle they pulled over for driving with its headlights off. In the search, they found 11 ounces of raw marijuana, over 100 lollipops containing THC, 17 marijuana brownies, 16 bags of cocaine, plus LSD, THC oils, and various mushrooms.

Each of the two occupants in the car were charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of a dangerous drug. The driver of the vehicle also received a prohibited weapons charge because of a large club that officers found during the search.

The vehicle, a 2015 Honda Passenger, was seized in conjunction with the arrests.

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