March's Wingstop Scholar Athlete of the Month: Makenna McGraw

Flower Mound’s Makenna McGraw has always had big goals.

“Quite frankly, it’s been a calling from the Lord,” McGraw said. “It started as a calling, and now, it’s turned into a passion.”

McGraw is passionate about many things, including her love of soccer at Flower Mound, where she has been a four-year starter, including during her freshman season that included winning a state championship.

“That feeling of the rain pouring down, and putting that ball in the net, dogpiling my teammates, it was just awesome,” McGraw said.

But McGraw is most passionate about her future plan to become a brain surgeon, a journey that began with an internship at Johns Hopkins University last summer, and includes future service in the military.

“I’m going to be going to college as almost a junior,” McGraw said. “My hope is to get my major credits out of the way, get my degree, do ROTC in college, and then head to medical school. From medical school, I’ll do my internship, residency, and then commission off wherever (the military) needs me.”

“When I hear that she’s not only a part of one national honor society, but three, Makenna is just another great example of the local kids in our communities doing great things,” said Wingstop franchise owner Rex Heckelman. “We’re really happy to be able to sponsor her.”

Sponsoring Makenna McGraw as the Wingstop Scholar Athlete of the month as she pursues big goals in the years ahead.

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