Many North TX Lakes Closed for July 4, Businesses Suffering

At the time when Lynn Creek Marina at Joe Pool Lake should be packed with people, the owner, Larry Walker, is pretty much the only person around.

This Fourth of July holiday, and likely for the rest of the summer, the lake is closed to the public.

"You know, it's epic. It's epic. We're going to lose our whole summer and we live for summers," said Walker. "The main reason is our electricity and our propane are under water. We have no power."

That means Walker can't run his restaurant, the Oasis, or operate any of his shops in the area.

"We laid off 100 people. There's 100 people that don't have a job because of this flood," he said.

Walker said around the lake nearly every boat ramp is under water and parking lots are covered in four to five feet of water.

On this Fourth of July only people who already have a boat in a slip at Joe Pool lake will be allowed on the water, but they have to leave by 8 p.m.

There will be no fireworks show.

Jack Brothers is one of the lucky ones who has a slip and says every time he's been on the lake this summer, it's been empty because of the flooding.

"This is the fourth time I've been out here this year," he said Monday afternoon. "And I've seen maybe four or five boats the whole time."

Brothers said he won't be on the lake this holiday weekend because everything's been canceled.

"We normally do the firework show and everything like that, but I guess we're not going to do that this year," he said.

Brothers said he's disappointed, but more than that, he's worried about the people who can't work.

"I do kinda worry about the marina and the owners and the people who work here who can't come to work. I do worry about them because during the summer they're busy and help us out, but right now there's nothing they can do," Brothers said.

Walker said once the water recedes it will cost him about $4 million to clean up his marina and make necessary repairs.

He estimates it could be past Labor Day when the lake finally re-opens to the public.

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