Mansfield Pastor Shares Message of Hope and Healing After Timberview High School Shooting

As the investigation into the Timberview High School shooting continues, many are turning to faith to find healing

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Inside Community of Hope United Methodist Church, there is emotional healing.  

“We will continue to pray for the students in Timberview High School, the faculty, the staff, and the city at large," Pastor Zach Stiefel said. "We’re going to pray for everyone that was involved there."

Timothy Simpkins, 18, is accused of wounding four people during a shooting at Timberview High School on Wednesday.

Relatives claimed Simpkins was the victim of bullying. These claims are currently being investigated by police.

Stiefel offered words of comfort on Sunday. He shared similar words after the school shooting took place on Wednesday morning.

“We had a prayer service on Wednesday night that was open to the community, and we just want to be a place where people can come and see the Lord in a difficult time,” Stiefel said.

A counselor and mental health explained the mindset students might have before returning to school.   

“Schools used to be the place where we go for if there’s a storm, or if you have a problem at home," mental health expert Alejandra Dozal said. "It used to be a safe place to go for teachers, and now there’s a sense of insecurity."

Dozal said open communication can help ease the concerns of both students and parents.  

“Whatever questions they may have, you want to be open for them to ask those questions,” she said.

Counselors were available on campus to help students cope after the shooting. 

Pastor Stiefel said they also have a trained counselor at their church, adding that anyone who wants to talk can email the church office at

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