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Mansfield ISD Seeing Double With 2022 Graduating Class

The group, featuring 35 sets of twins and one set of triplets, is set to graduate with Mansfield ISD's class of 2022.

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Mansfield ISD invited some of its graduates to take a special photo for graduation. They all have something in common: a brother or sister who is graduating with them.

We're three minutes apart," Said Samantha and Sarah Christensen. "Yeah, she was born first."

The Christensens are one of 35 sets of twins in Mansfield ISD's class of 2022, which also includes one set of triplets.

"Everyone's like, 'y'all are triplets, but y'all don't look alike,'" Lisa Orie said while standing next to her siblings Michelle and Emmanuel. "We celebrate everything together. We're graduating together!"

Most twins share a birthday, but not all.

"I was born before midnight," Blake Listenbee said. "She was born after, so different birthdays," Blake said referring to his sister, Brianna.

The twins have shared life's milestones.

"I remember when we were younger, like, we started crying cause, we weren't in the same classroom," Jordan Morris said. "We've never been separated for a long time," twin Joshua Morris said.

"Sometimes we get our memories mixed up," Samantha Christensen said. "And sometimes we think the same things." Sarah Christensen added.

"You always have a friend," Sean Eldridge said of his twin, Connor. "Someone that relates to you, or just someone that's gonna be there for you."

They'll all be at graduation together. Mansfield ISD doesn't keep records of twins or multiples, but the district thinks this graduating class has the most ever.

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