Mansfield Coach In Remission, Returns To Football

This is a big week for a Mansfield ISD high school coach back on the field after battling cancer.

Monday, Daniel Maberry was back coaching his high school team as a cancer survivor.  

He was also back at UT Southwestern since receiving the news he is cancer-free.

"Today is a big day of firsts," said Maberry.

In January, Maberry was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma.

The father of two girls, ages 10 and 7, battled through rounds of chemotherapy  to fight what he called a blessing that forced him to strengthen his faith and rely on his community. 

"The biggest thing is, that I am just thankful to be in spot that I'm at right now, to be blessed with so many people that have been around me and supported me," said Maberry. He says he's now in the best position possible to take on a new football season.

School starts Wednesday and he says he is better equipped than ever after learning an invaluable life lesson over the summer.

"That's the thing that cancer does. It changes your perspective on a lot of things. I was telling our coaches staff the other day, this is the best summer I've had with my family and not because we did anything special or spend more time together but I just appreciated every moment with them. You see how precious time is and from that aspect, my focus is totally different," said Maberry.

It's focus he's ready to carry onto the field for seasons to come.

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