Man's Car Collides With Turkey in Texas

A Fort Worth man suffered minor injuries after his car collided with a wild turkey in Central Texas -- and his dash camera was rolling when the collision happened.

Kevin McKeithan was driving northbound on state Highway 130, between San Antonio and Austin, April 2 when the bird attempted to cross the road.

The turkey crossed right as McKeithan's vehicle was going down the highway at 95 mph.

“Speed limit was 85 and I sped up a little past that to overtake the semi on the right quickly," McKeithan told NBC 5.

The bird slammed into his front windshield, immediately shattering it upon impact.

"I am OK. I shielded my face with my left arm and it had a few tiny shards from the windshield in it," said McKeithan.

His windshield had to be replaced.

There is no word on if the turkey survived, although it is unlikely.

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