Dismemberment Threatened if Demands Not Met

The owner of a stolen mannequin has been sent a photo of the missing dummy -- along with a call threatening dismemberment if demands are not met.

According to Gary Krupkin, vice president of Sara's Secret and Condom's To Go, the photo of Fay arrived moments before a phone call where the alledged kidnapper threatened to dismbember "her" if demands to swap for the mannequin's "sister" Tina were not met.

"I don’t know whether or not he has started to dismember Fay," said Krupkin. "The photograph does not show her legs, and I can only hope that no harm has come to her."

The caller said that Fay, or maybe that was Fey, was safe, had been transported out of Dallas and offered the photograph as proof.  The photograph shows Fay in front of what appears to be a Disney store.

Fay was stolen, along with a $50 pair of underwear, early Monday morning during a breakin at the Condoms To Go location on the 17500 block of Coit Road in Dallas.

Krupkin previously said he didn't want to negotiate with "terrorists" but also wanted the mannequin safely returned.  He added that Tina continues to refuse to speak and stands in silent vigil in the store's window hoping for Fay's safe return.

Fay is valued at $250. No suspects have been identified in the case.

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