Man Fatally Stunned After Charging Police

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The Chambers County Sheriff said an unarmed man who charged at a deputy died after the officer shot him twice with a stun gun.

Sheriff Brian Hawthorne told the Houston Chronicle that 26-year-old Oliver Gregoire of Baytown was pronounced dead on Sunday at an area hospital.

Hawthorne said 911 dispatchers received a call about Gregoire trying to stop vehicles along a road and a second report that he kicked in the door of his home and assaulted a woman inside. The woman was treated for minor injuries.

Deputy Bradley Hasley responded and shot Gregoire with a stun gun. Hawthorne said Gregoire ripped the prongs off of himself and charged at Hasley, who shot him again.

Hawthorne said Gregoire became unresponsive and Hasley performed CPR until the ambulance arrived.

The Texas Rangers are investigating.

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