Man, Wife Injured in Barn Fire: Plano Fire Department

Plano firefighters said one person was injured in a barn fire Wednesday morning.

A man and his wife were asleep in living quarters in the barn near East Parker and Jupiter roads when their dog woke them up at about 7 a.m., according to Plano Fire Department Capt. Ron Cooper.

"The husband was awakened by the dog barking," Cooper said. "He got up and found the fire. He got his wife and they exited the structure."

The man sustained second and third-degree burns on 45 percent of his body, a Plano Fire Department spokesman Ron Cooper said. He was transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital by helicopter.

Firefighters said the woman was not burned as badly as her husband. She was taken to Parkland by ambulance.

Family members say except for roaming chickens, all of the family’s animals, including two horses, llamas, and goats, did not escape the blaze.

That includes two dogs, whose barks alerted the family to danger.

“Any animal that was inside was unfortunately stuck in, and did not make it out,” said son-in-law Marc Ubaldi. “They’re more worried about the animals than themselves, but they’re ok,” he said of his in-laws.

Firefighters said they are still investigating the cause of the fire.

The couple had been sleeping in the barn while their house was renovated.

NBC 5's Catherine Ross contributed to this report.

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