Man Finds Photos Scattered Across Road, Looks for Owners

The coffee table in Nathan Kurtin's Dallas living room is filled with family photos. He imagines the stories behind the photos because the people in them aren't Kurtin's family... or anyone he knows.

Kurtin, 24, found them about a week ago. They had fallen out of a box and scattered across the road at Frankford Road near the Dallas North Tollway.

"Cars were just running over them," Kurtin explained, flipping through yellowed photos from decades past. "I thought to myself, 'If this was my box, what would I want? Would I want somebody to just keep driving over it? Or would I want somebody to pick it up?'"

Kurtin pulled over and gathered all the photos he could, including a wedding DVD and another VHS-taped momento.

"I mean, this is someone's life. This is really important to someone and I know someone's missing this," Kurtin said, imagining what the stories were behind the smiling faces. "Who are these four kids in the back of this truck and who's in the passenger seat? Like, I don't know, but I know that this was an event that was important to them."

The photos show horseback riding and skiing. One photo has a name "Joanna 1975 Breckenridge." A wedding DVD appeared to have Hebrew writing on it.

"This is my favorite one," Kurtin said. "The kid in front of the tree is the epitome of, like, 80s photos."

Kurtin posted some of the photos on Reddit, hoping people would share them and help find the people in them.

"A lot of people have tried to conquer the world by themselves and they all failed. You need a collective team," Kurtin said. "I really hope we can find these people, though."

If you think you know who the photos belong to, let us know at newstips@nbcdfw.com.

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