Man Takes to Social Media Over Hole in Crosswalk, City Fills Hole

An Allen man took to social media to voice concerns over a hole in a crosswalk, and a little over 24 hours later it was fixed.

Max Miley saw the hole in the crosswalk at Pebblebrook Drive and N. Greenville Avenue during his walk to the gym and snapped a picture of his foot deep in the hole and posted it on Facebook Tuesday morning.

"It has been there for too long and is a crosswalk that kids use to walk to school," Miley wrote on his Facebook. "So, I sent this picture to the city and will see how long it takes them to cover it."

Man Takes to Social Media Over Hole in Crosswalk, City Fills Hole

Miley kept his Facebook campaign going on Wednesday. At around noon he posting a photo of a baby doll in the hole and a photo of him with a putter and a golf ball near the hole.

"The hole in the middle of the crosswalk that I posted about yesterday, is still not fixed," he wrote. "I'm thinking about sending these pictures to the city to see if it will get some action."

At about 3 p.m. Wednesday, Miley posted a photo updating that the "hole has been filled," along with a photo of a city worker pouring asphalt into the hole and a photo of the final product.

Miley says a friend contacted the city with his pictures, and he praised the city of acting quickly to fix the hole.

This is not the first time NBC 5 has reported on people getting creative to solve problems.

Back in November, a Decatur woman planted a tree in a hole to warm drivers of a pothole problem.

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