Meredith Yeomans

Man Suspected of Stealing Mail from Frisco Mailbox

Frisco police are asking for help solving a case of suspected mail theft.

Between a birthday and graduation, greeting cards are stacking up at the Hoffman household.

At least, they were.

“We noticed going on three days in a row last week that we had zero mail,” Tim Hoffman said.

That’s right. The family didn’t get a single piece of mail just days before their son's graduation.

"We had a sinking feeling and a suspicious feeling that something was going on,” Hoffman said.

It wasn't just the Hoffmans.

Neighbors say credit cards they never applied for have been showing up in the mail.

"Somebody’s coming in to my neighborhood that doesn't belong here and going into our mail and getting our private information, It’s very upsetting to me,” neighbor Kimberly Hampton said.

Then Tuesday, from on his front porch, Hoffman saw a car pull up and in broad daylight, with his cell phone rolling, he watched a man walk up to his mailbox and open it.

"That's when I went after him down the grass,” Hoffman said.

The man runs back to car, jumps into the passenger seat and speeds off.

"I was just really mad,” Hoffman said.

Enhanced police photos provide a clearer look at the man's face, the Blue Toyota Corolla and the Air Force sticker on the back window.

"It is very violated. I know they don't come into your home but your mail is something to you that is always, you feel like it’s yours or sacred,” parent Cissy Hoffman said.

The Hoffmans say they aren't sure how much money has been stolen altogether.

They hope spotting the person possibly responsible puts a stop to it.

If you recognize the man in the photos you’re asked to contact Frisco police criminal investigations division at 972-292-6200. Reference case number: 16052813.

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