Man Steals Coffee, Damages Starbucks: Dallas Police

Dallas police are searching for the man who reportedly damaged a Starbucks while demanding a cup of coffee.

It happened in the 6100 block of Greenville Avenue late Sunday night.

According to the police report, a man walked into a closed Starbucks while deliveries were being made and began demanded coffee.

Two Starbucks workers told police when they informed the man they were closed and no longer serving customers he began repeatedly yelling, "give me my coffee!"

The workers told police he continued yelling "give me my coffee" as he pushed the register and computer monitor then grabbed items from the front of the counter and threw them at the two workers.

The man never showed money or offered to pay for the coffee he demanded, so fearing for their safety the two workers told police they ran out the side door of the business.

The Starbucks delivery man told police he saw the man walk around the counter and start working the coffee dispenser.

As the two workers left with the delivery man in his truck they tell police they saw the man walk out of the Starbucks.

Dallas police say they're still looking for the man and are checking the store's surveillance video for clues to his identity.

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