Man Shoots at Car Vandal, Burglar in Pleasant Grove

A Pleasant Grove man says he may have shot a person breaking into his car in front of his house on Dale Glade Drive Sunday morning.

Muhammad Samaad told NBC DFW he’s not sure if he hit a person or just the getaway car.

Samaad is a soft-spoken man who works for a limousine service, taking people to and from DFW Airport in his Lincoln Town Car. The car's his livelihood and, when he’s got a smashed back window, as he does at the moment, he can't work.

"Young guy, gentleman about 5-9, 5-10 working with a crow bar or tie handle trying to get into my window,” Samaad recalled as he shows us the damage to his 2009 Lincoln Town Car. “Then he came here to this back window and busted this window and I could hear the noise."

It was Sunday, at about 4:45 a.m. Samaad woke up, grabbed his handgun and went outside. Then the guy at his Town Car jumped into a white sedan, where someone was waiting, and they drove off.

"I fired three shots and hit the car and it looks like I think I might have hit someone in the car," said Samaad.

Samaad said in the four years he's had his Town Car it's been vandalized in front of his home six times, costing him about $3,000 out of his own pocket as the damage is always less than his deductible.

"Three times they came and stole my mirrors, snap the mirrors off the car,” said Samaad “They steal the hub cap."

But early Sunday morning was first time he caught someone in the act. Each time he's filled out a police report. He's even got a sign in his yard offering a $150 reward if someone can lead police to the vandals and thieves.

"You work hard, you pay your taxes, you obey the law and everything and you can't park your car on the street," Samaad explained.

Samaad said he’s not violent but hopes the bullets he let fly Sunday morning send a message to those who continue to look at his Town Car as a free auto parts shop. The shop is closed.

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