Man Sentenced to Prison in Botched Southlake Home Invasion

"I turn around and I'm looking down the barrel of a rifle," victim said

An armed robber whose accomplice used a lost dog flyer to lure a Southlake woman to open her front door was sentenced to serve 47 years in prison.

Timothy Scott Scoggins, 39, of Fort Worth was accused of holding Peggy Hanon and her son, Zak, at gunpoint as he ransacked their home for jewelry and other valuables. He was found guilty of burglary of a habitation with the intent to commit a felony and sentenced by a Tarrant County jury.

Peggy Hanon was home the afternoon of May 2, 2017 when Scoggins' accomplice, who hasn't been captured, saw his window of opportunity.

"Nicely dressed, comes to my front door with flyers, looking for his mother's lost dog," Hanon told NBC 5 at the time. He forced his way through the door after Hanon offered him a bottle of water.

"He took it, I closed the door and I was just like this about to lock the door when all of a sudden, he’s not turning to walk away, he’s opening the door with all his weight, pushes the door and pushes me in," Hanon said.

The man pointed a gun at her and bound her wrists with zip ties. Scoggins, called in by the accomplice with a walkie talkie, arrived wearing a mask, gloves and carrying a rifle.

As the two men were robbing the home, Zak Hanon said he walked through the door and was greeted by the barrel of a rifle. He managed to escape by climbing onto the roof and jumping from an upstairs balcony.

By the time he was able to find a neighbor for help calling police, Scoggins and his accomplice had been scared off, prosecutors said.

Investigators were led to Scoggins after analyzing cellphone records and matching DNA in a glove and walkie talkie left behind when the two ran away.

"This family will never look at their home the same way again," prosecutor Ashlea Deener told the jury in closing arguments. "They will think about the restraints, and being held at gunpoint. If he’d gone to a house where someone wasn’t cooperative, this could have been a murder trial."

Scoggins will spend half of his 47-year sentence before being eligible for parole.

Police are still trying to ID his accomplice.

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