Man Sentenced to 60 Years in Prison for UTA Attack

Joel Mambe was sentenced Thursday to 60 years in prison for the June 2018 kidnapping, robbery, and sexual assault of a female University of Texas at Arlington student.

The student was approached in the parking lot of her apartment complex by an armed man demanding money. Holding her at gunpoint, he forced her back into her car and got in the passenger seat. He forced the victim to withdraw cash from an ATM before taking her to another parking lot and sexually assaulting her.

Before fleeing with her cellphone, Mambe took a photo of her driver's license and threatened to kill her and her parents if she reported the incident. The student then drove herself home and immediately called Arlington Police.

When Mambe was arrested in Fort Worth, he was in possession of a gun and items of the victim's property. During interviews with police, he admitted he was "looking for trouble" that night, when he happened upon the victim. He used the money stolen from the victim to buy drugs, a video game, and cigarettes.

Mambe entered a guilty plea to Judge George Gallagher on all three charges.

A pre-sentencing report found that Mambe showed a prediliction for violence, anti-social behavior, and an above-average risk for reoffending.

"Anyone who crossed paths with this defendant was in danger that night," said prosecutor Tracey Kapsidelis. " The random and opportunistic nature of these crimes make them all the more terrifying, and the quick work by Arlington Police Department to bring him to justice is to be commended. The strength shown by this young woman that day and every day since is beyond admirable."

After hearing testimony, Judge Gallagher sentenced Mambe to a total of 60 years in prison for the Aggravated Sexual Assault, Robbery and Kidnapping charges, and two years in state jail for a drug possession case that was pending at the time he committed this crime.

Mambe will be required to serve 30 years before he will be eligible for parole consideration.

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